Thursday, March 27, 2008

beehive bazaar...

i'm so excited to be participating in the beehive bazaar again selling my jewelry! it was fun to be a part of the last show in december and even more fun to meet all the talent behind all the fun stuff.
so, don't forget to mark your calendar!

the spring show will be:
may 9th + 10th
friday 10 am-9 pm
saturday 10 am to 6 pm

note the new location:
women's council cultural center
310 west 500 north
provo, utah

*feel free to spread the word!!


Bree said...

thank you for posting about this! I missed it last year...I can't wait to go!

Horsley Home said...

I will also be there! Can't wait to meet you and see your things! I am really excited!

i'm kelly said...

maybe i'll actually be able to make it up there this time around!

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