new pieces …

June 18, 2010

just listed a bunch of new earrings and necklaces in my armelle jewelry shop.
coraline necklace         .         new jade  red coral          .the coraline necklace now comes in a few new colors.
coraline necklace with new jade and red coral, $32gloria earrings     .     14kt gold filled          .gloria earrings, $24 {14kt gold filled metal}callie locket necklace      .      pink coral amazonite blue      .callie locket necklace, $29lily earrings     .       14kt gold filled         .lily earrings, $24miranda necklace     .        red  .     navy    .miranda, red and navy necklace, $32 {sterling silver}crystal earrings  .      sterling silver          .crystal earrings, $24
i think these would make lovely bridal earrings!coraline necklace    .      pink coral aqua       .coraline necklace- pink coral and aqua, $32check out all the new items here!

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