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DIY // Banana Class Valentine Free Printables

February 12, 2015

Armelle Blog Banana Valentines Free Valentines Free Printable Non-candy Valentines
I have one last Valentine printable to share with you today.  My friend Kersey gave me one of these rad banana pens, at Alt Summit a few weeks back.  I tracked them down because I knew they would be a perfect little something for my kids to give to their friends at school for Valentine’s day.
I love to give out non-candy class Valentine’s, since there are so many food allergy nowadays, so an allergy free Valentine is a great option too!
You will need:
Yellow Cardstock paper
Banana pens or favors (I found some cute banana candies from Oriental Trading that we also gave out, you could also give out real bananas for a healthy option!)
Washi tape (optional)
1) Print the free PDF download for the Banana “I like you a BUNCH” Valentine onto yellow card stock paper. Click here to download.  (please let me know if you are having trouble downloading the printable)  -Just a reminder that these Valentine Printables are for Personal Use only.  You may not sell these for money or alter.  Copyright Armelle Blog 2015.
2) Cut out the Valentines.
3) “Pair” it with your favorite banana item. (You could even give out real bananas!)
Armelle Blog Banana Valentines Free Valentines Free Printable Non-candy Valentines
Like I said, these banana pens and candy are just adorable, but you could easily give a real banana to your Valentine, easy as that!
Armelle Blog Banana Valentines Free Valentines Free Printable Non-candy Valentines
I love these little cellophane bags with the lip with tape that seals in the back, I sealed it, then added a little washi tape back there. (all sources in items list)
Armelle Blog Banana Valentines Free Valentines Free Printable Non-candy Valentines
Hope you enjoy!
I just love putting together class Valentine’s for my children!  And, having non-candy options is always fun!
{all photos by me}

DIY // Slam Dunk Basketball Class Valentine’s Day Printables

February 10, 2015

Boy Valentine Basketball Valentine Free Printable Valentine Free Valentine Cards // Non Candy Valentine
This post contains affiliate links.
We are in Valentine mode over here at our house, and I wanted to share with you some Valentine’s I’m putting together for my children to pass out to their friends at school.
My oldest Ezra is quite the sports fanatic, so I knew that anything to do with sports, he would be in!
I saw some cute basketball Valentine’s over on Minted, but of course didn’t get my act together to get them ordered in time, so I put together my own version of the Slam Dunk Valentine!
I also came across these fun basketball pens over on Oriental Trading.  I knew my Ezra would be obsessed with them since they resemble one of his favorite toys, the Kendama (He also sells Kendama’s, he’s quite the little business man)
There are so many little basketball items you could use instead out there.  Small foam balls, dollar store balls, basketball stickers, basketball chocolates, basketball bouncy balls.  Just browse your local dollar store or party store, and I’m sure there will be a lot of choices.
I tried to make these simple with just black ink so anyone could print them off, and not need a color printer.  The key is to use orange card stock paper to print them on so they resemble little basketballs!  I think the textured orange card stock is cool since it looks kind of like the texture of a real basketball!
 Basketball Valentine Download
You will need to download the free printable, and print it onto orange card stock paper.
Download the free printable, by clicking here.
I also just need to remind my readers that when I offer free printable downloads, it takes me a long time to create, and it is my property.  I am allowing you to use them for your personal use only.  It is not ok to alter, or sell this file or use for commercial use in any way.  I feel bad that I have to point this out, but recently it came to my attention that someone was selling my free printables on Etsy using my photos and downloads.  I can’t imagine why people would think that it is ok to steal someones work to sell?  But, just don’t do it.  Because the internet is a small world, and people always find out.  Plus, my lawyer husband will have to write you a letter, and let’s just not have to do that, ok? Anyhow, moving on..
After you print out the PDF onto orange card stock, cut out the basketballs.
Address the basketballs to your favorite friends, and attach the pen to the paper basketball with a little tape.  I like to use washi Japanese tape.
Boy Valentine Basketball Valentine Free Printable Valentine Free Valentine Cards
Hope you enjoy!
Let me know if you have a problem downloading the basketball PDF download.
If you end up using any of my Valentine printables, I’d love to see!  Tag me on instagram @armelle_blog and hashtag #armellevalentines
{all photos by me}


Holiday // A-“maze”-ing Non-candy Class Valentine + Free printable

February 11, 2014

I was debating on making some new Valentine’s this year, since things have been so crazy.  But, I decided to make some easy ones.  I’ve seen a few Maze Valentine’s around the web, but I wanted to design one for my 1st grader that fit him better.
I always love to have my kids give out non-candy classroom Valentine’s day cards for their class mates since many kids now have food allergies, and an allergy free Valentine is always a good option plus, they get so much candy these days!
I found these little maze games at my local party store called Zurchers.  I liked them because they reminded me of little Lego men, and my little guy just saw the Lego Movie and loved it.  Plus, if I can do a non-candy Valentine, then I usually do.  They usually get plenty of candy as it is.
I decided to print it out on kraft paper card stock for more of a custom look!
I found a pack of the heart mazes too at the party store, and my son decided he would give them to the ladies in his class, LOL! (Future heartbreaker!)  I thought it gave it a nice touch, and could work well for either boys or girls!
(Make sure you are able to download PDF files)
Enjoy, and Hope you have a great Valentine’s week!
{all photos by me}