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a tiny birthday party …

July 8, 2010

norah’s tiny first birthday party was a success, and a lot of fun! i was happy with how everything turned out, and we were able to celebrate my tiny little girl’s big day.
for the menu, we had all things tiny.
the darling flower garland is from the etsy shop, pretty swell, and i made the white doily garland.
tiny bow tie greek pasta salad {made with mini-bow tie pasta}
tiny fruit kabobs
tiny hamburgers and hotdogs {pictured without the meat}
i used rolls from the grocery store, and i had their bakery make me tiny hot dog buns
tiny water {re-labeled tiny water botttles}
tiny cakes + tiny drinks
tiny doughnuts, tiny brownies, and tiny chips
tiny treats
tiny gummy bears, gold fish, and candies
my friend jane let us borrow her fun bounce houses, so we let the kids run wild in the back instead of having games. it was a hit! my little ezra especially enjoyed them!
and, of course the tiny birthday girl
we love this little girl so much! i can’t believe she’s already one!
p.s. if you have any questions about the party or where i got things, please let a comment and i’ll be sure to answer.
also, be sure to check out the
tiny party invitations
and, tiny party favors

tiny party favors …

June 28, 2010

Photobucketi just finished putting together these tiny party favor bags for my little norah’s first birthday this week. it’s hard to tell, but these bags are about 4 inches tall, so they’re pretty tiny.i had so much fun finding tiny items to fill the tiny bags. this is what i came up with, and what would fit in a tiny little bag.Photobucketso, there are:
mini m&m’s
tiny bubble gum
tiny chiclet gum
a party blower
a tiny watercolor set
a tiny crayon set
tiny laffy taffy
tiny magnifying glass
tiny bottle of bubblesthen, i used a tiny clothes pin decorated with happy tape to close the top.i hope norah and her tiny cousins like it!

tiny party invitations …

June 25, 2010

Photobucketafter seeing this darling tiny party, i knew i had to throw my little norah a tiny party for her first birthday.

i’ve been storing ideas ever since, and i am now actually getting it all together for my tiny norah’s first birthday next week. i can’t believe she’s almost one?!

Photobucketi finally finished the tiny invitations and almost have them all delivered for her family party. [we have big families between the two of us, so all our parties end up being family parties with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma’s, and grandpa’s!]

Photobucketi made the invitation in photoshop and printed them out, then added tiny bunting with happy tape. the invitations ended up being about the size of a business card and were tucked into a teeny tiny envelope. i tied a magnifying glass to the front with bakers twine. [a darling idea i saw here]

Photobucketa closer view courtesy of my little ezra, the hand model.

have a great weekend!and, be sure to check back monday, i’ll be posting some pictures of the tiny party favors i came up with!