{ok… you talked me into it}

February 28, 2008

here’s some of my onesies for sale now in my etsy shop.

i was surprised by all the interest i’ve gotten in the onesies i’ve made for my little z man. so here ya go! a fresh batch available now in my shop!
please let me know if you’d like to order one in a certain color etc..
i’ll try to get some girl ones made up soon!

9 thoughts on “{ok… you talked me into it}

  1. .caroline armelle.

    thanks mindy.
    yes, i guess i can do them in older sizes if there is interest.
    let me know if you are looking for a specific color/design.

  2. NaOmi

    i can’t wait for the girl ones. isabelle would look very cute in one of these. i love the one you made for her when she was born. i really liked the one you made for your friend’s babyshower that looked like a tree with flowers and i think a bird on it. do you know which one i mean? i’d definitely like one of those in a 9to 12 months size.


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