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5 Things to do Everyday to Feel Happier // Evereve Style Crew

April 28, 2017

How to be Happy Everyday

How to be Happy Everyday

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There have been several different stages in my life as a mom.  The long days of staying at home all day with babies, nap times, car seats, and strollers.  The days of rush, rush, rush from place to place picking up and dropping off, and homework times.  They have all been so crazy, and so hectic, but still overall so rewarding!

I remember the days all too well of being in the thick of it.   Knee deep in babies, staying in pajamas all day, not showering or leaving the house for days, just in pure survival mode.  Honestly, a lot of it is all a blur! Ha!  I blame the lack of sleep with babies, and newborns, and toddlers, and nursing, and being pregnant for so many years!

Over the last little bit, as my kids have gotten older, and are heading off to school I have found myself with just a little bit more alone time.  Currently, I have about 2-3 hours to myself each day as they go off to school.  As much as it would be nice to kick my feet up and relax, I am usually filling my time with about a million other things.  Unfortunately you find as they get older, some things do get easier, but somehow you also get a lot busier!

How to be Happy Everyday

I have been really trying to take the time to be more intentional.  When I set aside the time to do a few things during my day, I have noticed how much smoother things go, and how much happier I feel by just making some simple changes!   Here are a few things I have been adding to my daily routine that have really made me feel happier!

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