Welcome to Armelle Blog!

Caroline Armelle Drake has been writing Armelle Blog since 2007.  Caroline is a wife, and mother of three, and lives in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Armelle Blog is a lifestyle blog about creating and living a beautiful life.  Armelle Blog’s mission is to inspire families and individuals to create and build lasting memories through well thought out meals, traveling and exploring new places together, and creating beautiful surroundings to have a special place to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life.

Armelle Blog covers categories such as:  Recipes, Travel, Home Decor, Fashion, Fitness, Entertaining, Holidays, Family, and DIY.

Caroline enjoys an active lifestyle and has a passion for cooking and enjoying amazing food, adventuring with her family, party planning, and home decor.

Caroline grew up in a family with a French father and a Vietnamese mother, which inspired her love for travel, for, and living a well thought out life where she has learned the importance of taking pleasure in the little things.

For any inquires, please feel free to email me!