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knock knock …

November 9, 2011

i love knock knock notepads!

when people come to my house, they always ask where i got my what to eat notepad.
i love their notepads because they are very practical, or very humorous if that is what you are looking for.

a few of my favorites are the, what to eat, crap pad, cook this pad, all out of pad, social media citation pad, passive aggressive pad, and the apology pad.

seriously, check them out.  there are some really funny ones.

goodies …

October 3, 2011

thanks to my friend megan’s post, i ran over to my local zurcher’s party store, and picked my up some darling goodie bags. 

i snapped a few photos with my phone, so you could see that they have a pretty nice selection of cute paper bags, striped paper straws, and even a cute selection of bakers twine! (i picked up some black and white twine to add to the collection, i may have every color now, wink) 
i’m sure you can find all of this online on etsy, but sometimes it’s nice to know you can pick some up at the drop of a hat, just because. 

happy monday!!
i’m hoping to share a few pics from our recent trip to california, one of these days..! 

{all photos by me, via my phone}