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diy: polka dot bag

August 27, 2012

My cute little three year old Norah is headed back to pre-school this fall, and we were on the look-out for a cute little backpack for her to bring to class.  We looked all over, and all we could find were princess backpacks, and the like.  I was hoping for something a bit more simple for her, with some good design.

So, we came across a darling plain denim backpack at Hobby Lobby, and I knew it would be perfect after we spruced it up with a few easy polka dots using fabric paint!

The process was very easy, and in no time, we had a darling little backpack for her to wear on her first day of pre-school!  I’m loving the denim and polka dot trends right now, and combined! Well, how cute is that?

You can try your hand at dressing up a simple bag, with my full tutorial I am sharing over on hellobee.

Now, I for one, can’t believe it’s already back to school time?!  It’s killing me!  But, we’ll still be sure to soak up the last bits of summer over here!  I hope yours has been fabulous!

{all photos by Caroline Armelle Drake}

first day of school printable sign …

August 15, 2012

Back to School is just around the corner, and I can’t believe that my oldest will be staring Kindergarten this year?! It is unbelievable how fast time flies, and I know that before I know it, he will be entering high school!  One day, I will look back on his first day of school pictures, and wonder where my baby had gone?
I thought it would be fun to document his first day of school with a fun little sign, that gives the details of what grade he is in, who his teacher is, and the date of his first day.  That way in years to come, it will be easy to remember what he looked like on the first day of school for each grade!

You can document your little ones big first day too!

All you need to do is download the first day of school printable pdf, and print* it onto paper. (preferably onto card stock, so it is sturdier)
*be sure to select the landscape printer option before hitting the print button. please let me know if you have any troubles downloading the pdf file.

Write in your child’s grade, name of their teacher, and the date of their first day of school for the year.

Have your child hold up the sign on their first day of school, and snap away!

You can take the pictures on your front porch on your way out the door, or bring them to their school before it starts and take their picture there.  
Don’t be afraid to bring some fun props like books to stand on, their lunch box, backpack, or an apple for the teacher!

{all images by Caroline Armelle Drake}

*PDF download is for personal use only. Copyright 2012 Caroline Drake.

fox birthday party invites …

April 5, 2012

i mentioned that i am working on a little party for my thomas’ first birthday!

i finally got my invitations together and all sent out! (better late than never.. luckily it’s just family so they don’t care!)

i designed the invitation, and printed it onto kraft paper.  i just love kraft paper!  it was fun to print color onto kraft paper too!  it gives it a fun touch, and is a little more unique than plain white paper!

i loved the idea of including a little mini envelope on the invitation!

 i used the mini envelope cutting die from lifestyle crafts to cut out the mini envelopes, and it was just perfect for the look i wanted!  (see ad on sidebar for a promo code for 20% your entire purchase from lifestyle crafts!)

i put the party details inside the envelope for our guests to find!

i found the green and white striped paper to make the mini envelopes with at hobby lobby, it is the paper studio brand.  it was the perfect color, and the stripes were also perfect for the stripes that i am incorporating into the party!

i found the kraft envelopes at xpedx, the kraft card stock at hobby lobby, and the black and white japanese masking tape on etsy.  (just search black and white tape)  i used the fonts- print clearly, and easy open face, both can be downloaded for free on dafont.com

the invitations are one of my favorite parts of putting together a party!  i hope it makes our guests excited to attend the party!

well, wish me luck on the party!  i’m planning to serve a small brunch!  i’ll be sure to post more party details as they get finished!

see more of the fox birthday party here.

also, my little ezra is turning five next week?!  i can’t believe it!  since he’s so old and all now, he asked for a friend party this year.  kind of kills me to have his party at one of those kid joints, but he is beyond excited, so i am thrilled to do it for him!

since i was already working on thomas’ invites, i put together ezra’s invites for his little friends!  i have to say, it is pretty nice not to have to plan him a whole other big shin-dig too!  the invites were super easy, because i just used the fonts and colors from tommy’s.  easy-peasy!

{all photos by me}