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my studio: before and after armoire …

November 2, 2010

so, this beast of an armoire was my in laws.  they have had it for years in their dining room.  we inherited it about 2-3 years ago, because i knew the one day when my studio was done, i would want it to store all my goodies. 
so, there it sat in our third car garage for years, until our basement was done.  then i lacked the motivation to actually paint the sucker.  i mean it’s huge, plus, you not only have to paint the outside, but also the inside.  needless to say, it was quite the project.  but, i am SO happy that it is finally finished and has found it’s new home in my studio.
as you can tell, the above picture is the before.  lots of fun off white, faux gold finish with chicken wire in the glass, and some interesting brass hardware.
and, here she is today…. the after.

 i painted it all white, with the inside back wall a nice robin’s egg blue to match my stained floors.  i thought that was a nice touch, plus i had the extra paint already from norah’s nursery.

here is a little peek at one of my desks and my new cabinets i just got hung over the weekend.  i am thrilled to see all my plans finally coming together.  i’ll share more soon!
a detailed shot of the inside.  the shelves aren’t styled yet whatsoever, i just threw a few things in there.  but, it’s been so great to get all my stuff organized!  i had a goal to have my studio organized and put together by the end of october so i could work on my jewelry for my upcoming shows.  i barely made the cut!  now, i just have the finishing details to work on.
and, can i tell you how productive it has been for me to have things somewhat organized?  i have even been able to design and make a few things.  here’s a little peek of a few necklaces i’ve been working on.
i’m loving the simple geometric shape ones! 

well, back to work i suppose! 

p.s. i’ll post these in my armelle jewelry shop soon.  if you just can’t wait, let me know which one you are interested in, and i will make a listing for you right away.

chairs …

August 13, 2010

Photobucketso, i finally picked the chairs for my desks in my studio.i went with these eiffel style chairs, since really, they were the most comfortable. and, i had a $100 credit at overstock that helped make my decision.as for the office, i wish i had more to share. i am super slow at getting things done. i have everything, i just need the motivation to finish painting a very large piece that is sitting in my hot hot garage, and when that is moved down, i will be able to hand my horizontal built in cupboards above my desks. sheesh, i need to get my act together.’til then..

my wallpaper …

June 2, 2010

Photobucketi’ve had a lot of people email me requesting the source of the wallpaper in my studio.the wallpaper is by schumacher, and it is called birds and butterflies.schumacher can only be ordered through a designer, and can be a little pricey. but, if you are interested, i would contact my girl caitlin creer, she can get you the best price!Photobucket