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goodies …

October 3, 2011

thanks to my friend megan’s post, i ran over to my local zurcher’s party store, and picked my up some darling goodie bags. 

i snapped a few photos with my phone, so you could see that they have a pretty nice selection of cute paper bags, striped paper straws, and even a cute selection of bakers twine! (i picked up some black and white twine to add to the collection, i may have every color now, wink) 
i’m sure you can find all of this online on etsy, but sometimes it’s nice to know you can pick some up at the drop of a hat, just because. 

happy monday!!
i’m hoping to share a few pics from our recent trip to california, one of these days..! 

{all photos by me, via my phone}

csn stores …

September 23, 2010

i was recently contacted by csn stores to review one of their products. i am a huge fan of their stores! (they have over 200!) they sell anything from cheap bedroom furniture, to amazing rugs, to childrens car seats, you name it, and all at great prices and with free shipping!

i think i’ll have a hard time choosing which product i want to review since there are so many options.

here are a few items i wouldn’t mind…
this britax car seat booster. we need to buy one for my little ezra, so this would be the smart/sensible choice. plus, you can get an extra 20% off with the code: carseat20but … i have also been looking for a new rug for under my kitchen table. this black contemporary cheveron strip rug is nice…or this fallon contemporary rug in yellowi have also been eyeing this smart gear training bike for my little ezrai also love this stripe duvet cover by dwell studio…and this chinoiserie dwell duvet i also love this cooper classics sunburst mirrorand, this lovely colorful kraft tape dispenser is for kids, but mama wants it too! i love colorful tape!my little norah actually got this darling retro kidkraft kitchen for her birthday this year, but i thought it was interesting that it is available from the csn stores. and, just a hint, if you are planning on getting something like this for christmas, get it NOW. it was sold out everywhere last christmas when i tried to order it.i’ve also been thinking about getting this melissa and doug barn set for the kids for christmas.
wow! i had no idea that the csn stores had so many options. (p.s. they even have halloween costumes…)looks like i have a big decision to make.what would you get?