4 Steps to Ensure a Successful Family Ski Vacation

February 28, 2018

Family Ski Vacation Vail Colorado

Traveling with our kids is something that we are passionate about and we love to do.  But, that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily easy to do.  There are many things that we have to consider, plan, and prepare for in advance in order for any trip with the kids to be successful. Especially a ski vacation!  Kids definitely don’t make travel any easier, but it’s a good thing they do make it more fun!  We have gone on enough ski trips with our children to really have a solid plan of attack if you will to ensure a successful ski vacation with the family!  But, with that being said.  Yes, our kids whine, yes, our kids cry (after all, they are kids), yes, it can be hard at times, but in the end, it is always so worth it to go home with the good memories, and a deeper closeness that vacations provide to families!

Family Friendly Ski Resorts

If you are a family that has been toying with the idea of a ski vacation, or love to ski, but haven’t yet committed to making a vacation out of it, then please read on!  Our ski vacations are some of my very favorite vacations, and while it can be a lot of planning and preparation, we always end up having a good time together during our stay!

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The Ultimate Guide to a Deer Valley Family Ski Weekend

February 21, 2018

Family Friendly Ski ResortsMy family just got back from an amazing “Staycation” at Deer Valley Resort!  The weekend before Valentine’s Day, we try to do a little staycation to spend time together, unplug, and create new memories and experiences as a family!  I am a huge quality time person, so what better way to show your family that you love them, than spend an entire weekend together doing something that you love! (Be sure to scroll to the bottom for our highlight video!)

Family Friendly Ski Resorts Utah Ski Vacation Utah Ski Vacation Family Friendly Ski Resorts

We absolutely love to go to Deer Valley because it not only is a nearby high class ski resort, but they also provide amenities like none other!  The Deer Valley difference is real, and here are just a few of the reasons we love to go to Deer Valley!

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4 Ways to Serve Others and Spread Love

February 9, 2018

Inspirational Book with Quotes

I am so excited to be partnering with Workman Publishing again on a special release by Flow Magazine. Flow is a magazine that takes its time, celebrating creativity, imperfection, and life’s little pleasures.  In a time when other print media is focusing their energies on their digital properties, Flow Magazine is finding success by fully embracing the physical qualities of paper.

Inspirational Book with Quotes

The co-founders and creative directors of Flow Magazine, Irene Smit and Astrid Van der Hults have released their newest book at the perfect time in a month we celebrate love!  Everything Grows with Love is the cutest little book that is filled with inspirational and beautiful lettered and illustrated quotes!  It is the perfect little collection of inspirational thoughts and quotes that you will want to return to day after day when you need to put a little smile on your face or find that perfect gift for a loved one!  I love how it is a reminder to appreciate the small moments, be present, think happy, and appreciate the people around you!  It makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, an every day gift, birthday gift, engagement gift, or simply for someone who just needs a little pick me up!  And, for only $9.95!

Inspirational Book with Quotes

Now who doesn’t love to celebrate love of all kinds!  I once read that love is making space in your life for someone else.  As I have gotten older, I have found that the definition of love has changed for me a lot over the years as I have continued on my journey.  Love for me as a mother, and wife and women in my community with friendships is much different than what I used to see it as in the past.  A huge part of love and a great way to show love is to offer service.  For me this is one of the truest forms of love, and something that I have been making a conscience effort to make a priority in my life.  I wanted to share a few ideas and ways to serve and show love that I have enjoyed doing over the years.

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