Holiday Outfits for Kids // Janie and Jack

December 6, 2017

Holiday Outfits for Kids Janie and Jack

One of my favorite Holiday Traditions is to dress my kids up in some new clothes for Christmas!

I feel like things have gotten so relaxed when it comes to dressing up, so I love to find any special occasion to dress my kids up a little fancier, especially during the holidays.  Janie and Jack always has the best selection for kids when it comes to Holiday outfits for kids (Shop all their looks below)!  They always have the cutest clothes perfect for a night out at the nutcracker, church for Christmas Sunday, holiday parties, or a special family night out for the holidays!

I think that how you dress is such a reflection of how you feel and are expected to act.  So dressing my kids up for church or special occasions already let’s them know they are expected to behave, ha!  But, really how cute do they all look!  The boys look so handsome in their suits, and Norah in that coat!  I loved picking out each of their outfits!

Holiday Outfits for Kids Janie and Jack

Holiday Outfits for Kids Janie and Jack

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Magical Christmas Traditions for the Family // Hallmark Keepsakes Ornaments

November 28, 2017

Family Hanging Hallmark Goldcrown Keepsake Ornaments

Christmas time is such a special time for our family, and I always try to take such care in planning the most memorable holidays.  We look forward to, and love all the traditions that go along with the season!  Trimming the tree, hanging stockings, making holiday treats, writing letters to Santa. It is such a magical time in our household! Having young children only amplifies the magic of the holidays.  We currently have a household of believers in our home, which makes Christmas so exciting and my kids anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus!  They write him letters, make him special goodies on Christmas Eve, and try to be extra sugary sweet for months in case the big guy is watching.  The level of excitement in our house is through the roof!

With our oldest turning 11 next year, I am not sure how much longer we will have believers in our home.  It almost feels like it will soon be the end of an era in our family.  While I am not quite ready to let go of that innocence and excitement, I know that in the years to come, as we gather around the Christmas tree and look at our Hallmark Keepsakes Ornament with fondness, reliving our magical memories of a simpler time in our lives when there was an abundance of innocence and Christmas Magic in our home!

Family Hanging Hallmark Goldcrown Keepsake Ornaments

Hallmark Goldcrown Keepsake Up on the Housetops Santa Claus Ornament

Family Hanging Hallmark Goldcrown Keepsake Ornaments Christmas Magic

Be sure to head over to Hallmark Gold Crown to shop their extra special Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments to make your own magical holiday memories!

Thank you to Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments for sponsoring this post and reminding us of these special times!

All photos by Jessica Kettle Photography
Videography by Fiedling Films