Summer Weekend Guide: Solitude Mountain Resort

August 2, 2017

Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah

One of my favorite things to do as a family in the summer is to escape to the mountains!  Since we are lucky enough to live in Utah, it makes it very easy to spent a quick weekend in our beautiful mountains!

As much as we love winter sports and to spend our time skiing in the mountains, the summer months bring some amazing opportunities to enjoy the fresh mountain air!

Every year, we make sure to head up to the mountains when the wildflowers are out in abundance!  It is the most breathtaking sight to see the entire mountain side covered in beautiful colors!

Kid Friendly Hikes in UtahHotels at Solitude Mountain Resort

Wildflower Festival at Solitude ResortKid Friendly Hikes in Utah

This year we decided to make the most out of the Wild Flower Season and head up for the weekend to participate in the Cottonwood Canyon Foundations Wild Flower Festival at Solitude Mountain Resort!  It is a great time to get up there!

If you plan to head off on a Mountain Retreat soon, I would highly recommend a getaway to Solitude Mountain Resort!  Here are a few suggestions for your weekend in the Mountains!

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What to Wear on Vacation: A Packing Guide & Tips for Traveling in Style

July 20, 2017

Tips for What to Pack for Vacation Evereve Dress Like a Mom

This is sponsored advertising content for a long term brand ambassadorship with Evereve. All opinions stated are my own.

As you may have seen over on my social media pages, we just returned from a whirlwind family trip to Europe!  It was so much fun to be able to bring the kids on this trip, and show them the world!

Tips for What to Pack for Vacation Evereve Dress Like a Mom

Eiffel Tower Paris Fashion

Tips for What to Pack for Vacation Evereve Dress Like a Mom

Tips for What to Pack for Vacation Evereve Dress Like a Mom

When it comes to packing, if you are a mom, you know that most of the responsibility lies on us.  Not only do I have to pack for myself, but I also have to pack my three kids, and any little thing they may need!

I was able to do a little planning and shopping at Evereve before my trip!  They always have the best pieces all in one place to make it a one-stop-shop for everything I needed to dress myself for my trip! I knew that I wanted to keep things simple when packing for myself. I focused on putting together a few key pieces that I could mix and match!

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Best Items to Buy at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 13, 2017

(click item above to shop!)

Here we are again, another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us, and if you are Nordstrom card holder, you are able to shop the sale now through August 7th!

If you are serious about getting the best deals, and saving some serious cash, the key is to be sure to buy the hot items before they sell out!  Having a Nordstrom card will help ensure this since you can shop the sale now!  That is 8 days before those without a card!

I have a Nordstrom Debit card which I love because it comes right out of my checking account, and there is no need to remember to make payments.  You also get some killer rewards when you use it, like money to spend at Nordstrom, free alterations, and early access to shop the big Anniversary sale!

Here are the Sale Dates you’ll want to know:
Early Access for Nordstrom Card Holders: July 13 – 20
Public Sale: July 21 – August 7

There are certain items that I am willing to spend a little more money on, and during this sale, you can get some amazing deals on items that hardly go on sale, if ever!  Certain items you want to go for quality, items like shoes, designer denim, handbags, beauty products, items that you love and use day in and day out and you wouldn’t want to skimp on.   The Anniversary Sale is where you can get those name brand high quality items at the best prices!  And, another amazing thing is that Nordstrom always has free shipping and free returns, cardholder or not!  I know I hate paying shipping, so that is a big deal for me!

So, I spend hours and hours sifting through thousands of items to show you some of my favorites!  So, be sure to check them out, and click through to the sale below!

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