Chicken Salad Recipe with FAGE Greek Yogurt

July 10, 2020

Healthy Chicken Salad Lettuce Boat Recipe with Fage Greek Yogurt

This post is sponsored by FAGE, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Re-fueling my body, especially post-workout, is super important to me every day. I make these chicken salad lettuce boats often for a quick and easy lunch packed with protein to help refuel and rebuild lean muscles. For a healthier alternative, I always substitute the typical mayo with FAGE Total 0% Plain Greek yogurt. In addition to having a rich and creamy texture, it’s delicious and only contains naturally occurring milk sugars. If you’ve been searching for that perfect go-to chicken salad recipe, you’re in the right place!Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe

When I am really on top of things, I also make some ready-to-go snack packs with the chicken salad and keep them in the fridge. They sure come in handy for when I need a nutritious and quick snack. I’ve found if I am prepared with healthier snack options and protein-packed meals for when things get busy, then my life goes so much smoother. It helps me stay fueled and ready to take on my day and keep going!

Healthy Chicken Salad Snack Packs on the Go

I love eating this chicken salad in lettuce boats, on toast or rice crackers, with some whole grain crackers, or as a dip with some of my favorite veggies! FAGE Total is so versatile, and there are so many various yummy options!

Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe with Fage Greek Yogurt

Chicken Salad Recipe

½ lb cooked chicken breast, shredded (about 1 ½ cups)
½ cup FAGE Total 0% Plain Greek Yogurt
2 green onion stalks, chopped
2-3 celery stalks, diced
6-8 red grapes, quartered
Garlic Salt, to taste
Fresh Ground Pepper, to taste
Dill, sprinkle to taste
Pumpkin seeds

Healthy Chicken Salad RecipeHealthy Chicken Salad Recipe with Fage Greek Yogurt


Mix ingredients in a medium bowl.  Serve over lettuce for the lettuce and sprinkle the top with some pumpkin seeds!

Healthy Chicken Salad Lettuce Boat Recipe with Fage Greek Yogurt
I hope you enjoy!

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