Boston with Kids // Family Travel

August 1, 2018

Boston with Kids

For our big summer vacation this year, we decided to head back to Maine.  Since we fly into Boston, we thought why not spend a few days in Boston again!  It is such a fun city to explore.  Since we did the freedom trail last time, we decided we wanted to explore a few spots we missed.

It was easiest to hop on and hop off the Old Town Trolley tours of Boston by Historic Tours of America.  We have gone on several of their tours around the country, and we really have enjoyed them! You can get a day ticket and the running trolleys will pick and drop you off at all the major stops in the city all day long, and they come every 15 minutes.  With limited time in the city, I’d highly suggest it!  Especially with kids who can get tired out from all the walking.

We stopped off at the USS Constitution Museum.  The kids loved exploring the old ship, and seeing all the old canons, and sleeping quarters of the soldiers.  I just love how interested they are in history!

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I am a Runner! // Zappos Style Brooks Running

July 25, 2018

This post is sponsored by Zappos, thank you for supporting me and helping me share my passions, all opinions are my own.

Fitness and working out is a huge part of my life!  I realize that other than occasionally on my day to day Instagram Stories, I don’t share much about my fitness journey.  But, I think that is going to change!  Truth be told, when I think of fitness bloggers or fitness influencers, I think of rock solid abs, perfectly shaped booty’s, hard core healthy eating, counting calories and macros.  I just didn’t think I quite fit that mold.  While I workout six days a week (I also like to eat!), I never felt like I was any kind of an authority to talk about it much since I didn’t have the six pack to go along with it, or some amazing before and after.  But, fitness is something I love, and has benefitted me in so many ways, so I would love to share more about how I like to approach it!

I have talked a little bit about my fitness journey before, here, and here.  But, I am always changing and evolving in what I enjoy doing, and I always love to try new things! Something that may be a little different for me is that I workout because I love how it makes me feel, and because I love my body!  I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to change things about it, because I could go into a long list of things, but I have always tried to approach it from a gratitude standpoint and stay very positive and not go into what I don’t like, and appreciate what I do. And, that is the immense gratitude I have for a body that is healthy, alive, bore three children, and serving me well day after day.  What more can I ask for?  (Maybe some rock hard abs would be nice.. I kid!)  Joking aside, I am truly SO grateful for this amazing body that allows me to do so much, I thank God every day for it. I exercise and try to eat a healthy diet to thank my body by keeping it fueled, strong, and healthy.

The one thing that has been a constant in my fitness journey is running.  Brooks Running Shoes have always been on my top go-to shoes for running, and I have been using their running shoes for years and years!  Their new Brooks Levitate 2 Running Shoes I ordered from Zappos (love their free shipping, returns, best customer service) is a new favorite!  They are perfect for my treadmill workouts, as well as an outdoor run.  A perfect neutral shoe that is both comfortable, durable, and lightweight with their new DNA AMP energized cushion system! (All so important!)  I also grabbed the Brooks Greenlight Running Capris, that are the perfect thickness, suck you in, and don’t slip around or need to constantly be pulled up.  The Brooks Array Short Sleeve workout top is also so comfortable, absorbent (I’m a sweater), as well as stylish with a cute split fabric detail in the back!


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Purpose + Passion: Mom Approved Travel Wear

May 11, 2018

Mom Approved Travel Outfits to Travel in Style and Comfort

Wow! It has been a minute!  I blinked in January, and all of the sudden it is May!  Time flies when you are having fun, as they say!  This year has been flying by, and I have been traveling like crazy, which isn’t a bad thing!  You all know I love to travel!  I don’t think I have been home a full month this entire year so far, and some months I wasn’t home an entire week!  But, I have a pocket full of memories to show for it, but not a lot of work getting done around here the past few months, ah well!  No regrets!

This year so far, I have been to California three times (LA, Palm Springs, San Diego), Colorado (Vail/ Beaver Creek), and we just recently took a the kids on a family trip to Washington DC!  Boy I love that city!

Mom Friendly Outfits to Travel in Style and Comfort

Mom Approved Travel Outfits to Travel in Style and Comfort

Getting ready for travel, I wanted to amp up my spring and summer wardrobe a bit.  I always head to Evereve because they curate the best of the best brands that you see in major departments stores, but they select only the very best and make sure that there are plenty of items you can style with it!  They also can help style you from head to toe with their in store stylists or, for the ultimate timesaver efficiently maximizer, you can just fill out a questionnaire on their Trendsend site, and a stylist will personally curate a box of looks just for you!  Anything you don’t want, you can just mail them back to return them!  So amazing for busy ladies!

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