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October 22, 2018

Easy Gourmet Holiday Food

Every year I say I am going to slow down and enjoy the Holidays. Then, in one way or another things get busy, the stress sets in, and I am back to feeling overwhelmed.  Well, not this year!  I plan to enjoy the Holidays, simplify and let go of the things that don’t matter as much!

While I absolutely love being in the kitchen creating and cooking, during the holidays I find myself so busy with all the extra activities, and fun. 

Easy Holiday Food with Harry & David

I love that Harry & David Gourmet offers gourmet options created for everyday entertaining with elegance and ease when you need to take the stress out of bringing amazing food to the holiday table. I love that you can have items in the freezer ahead of time for when a holiday event pops up, and you can have confidence that you are prepared and have options at a moments notice.  I put together a dinner party complete with a create your own ham and turkey feast, the ultimate charcuterie and cheese board, a maple pumpkin layer cake.

Food is such a huge part of holiday traditions for me, and enjoying good quality food that is  convenient whether it’s a savory side dish, dessert or an entire decadent spread, Harry & David Gourmet has everything for entertaining, and currently includes more than 200 premium products to serve, share and savor.  

Harry and David Gourmet Food

Easy Gourmet Holiday Dessert Delivery

I love that their selection can be tailored to any budget with items ranging from $10 to $400.  It’s a great way to send a holiday gift, have gourmet food on hand, and help ease the stress of the holiday season with items that are easy to go from the freezer to the table in no time!

For me, family time, and enjoying the holiday season are a priority during this special time, and I am always so happy to find products that help me feel less stress, and more peace and enjoyment when we should be feeling it most!

In partnership with Harry & David, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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