March 6, 2007

My latest goal…
I’ll call it my a “self-challenge for March”… … is to create a new piece, at least one per day. So, I feel like I’m doing ok so far since the other night I got into an earring kick.
I love these new earrings because they are so simple yet fun and funky. Supposidly the big rage in New York right now. I decided to call them “gliders” for the way they just glide through the ear. Here are a few I’ve been making lately. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback (post a comment in comment link at end of each entry)… And yes I will be listing these on my website or etsy shop soon.

One thought on “Newbies

  1. Shana

    I saw you left a comment for LaRee on her blog so I looked at yours! I did not know you make jewelry. I gotta say, I love these earrings. All of them! Good Job! 🙂 Where are you selling them?
    Shana Gardner (Pyne)


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