3 thoughts on “Shear Genius

  1. Mia

    That was your hairdresser? I watched my first episode tonight and I think I am hooked! Bravo has some really great shows. Can’t wait for Top Chef and Project Runway, again. I hope they do them again.

  2. jamieanne

    Shut up! K, not that I live in Utah, but I get my hair done there on occasion…where might Tyson be found doing hair in SLC? I was so so curious when I saw him on the show, it almost killed me!

  3. Caroline

    I actually have an appointment with him this afternoon! Yay! I SO need a haircut!
    He is working at his moms salon currently called Fauntelle, but he can still be reached at his old Studio Salon Phone #, 801.485.5757


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