Forever 21.. if only that were true..

May 1, 2007

Ok, I’ll be the first one to admit that I am still into the teenie bopper stores.
But, come on.. you can get some great adult pieces on a teenage budget!

I just had to check out the brand new Forever 21 that opened up at the Gateway Mall.. and I have to say.. it was impressive… two floors of Forever 21 fun!
Out of all the things I got (I went a little overboard since I’ve been deprived of a physical forever 21 for the past year..) I’d have to say these polka dot wedges were my favorite pick-up!! At $17.50.. you can’t go wrong.
Sidenote: If you are going to go.. and you have a kid with a stroller (an no one with you as I was).. you may want to know that even though there are two floors, there are no elevators in the store.. just stairs… the elevators are outside the store.. so you have to buy your 1st floor purchases then head upstairs.. and buy the upstairs stuff up there. Pretty dumb since Utah is the kid capital USA.

2 thoughts on “Forever 21.. if only that were true..

  1. Suzanne

    Thanks for the pointer. I’ll make sure to bring someone with me or get a babysitter. Cute shoes. Love ’em!


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