Baby Closet Organizing.. SIZE DIVIDERS

June 13, 2007

I’ve needed to organize my babies closet for a while now, but it drove me nuts because I didn’t know what would fit him or not, or what size things were… then he’d grow out of something before he even wore it.

So, I came up with a simple solution to organize your babies closet by size.. kind of like at the store, so that you don’t miss out on some cute outfits.

You can buy these commercial size separators from ABC Target here, but I didn’t really need 4, 0-3 month separators… so I decided to make my own.
What you need:

*1 package of foam door hangers
*1 Sheet of Number Stickers

Just cut a slit on one side so it can slide the hanger over the closet rod.. and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Yay organization!!

12 thoughts on “Baby Closet Organizing.. SIZE DIVIDERS

  1. Maria

    You are so clever! You are like a regular Martha Stewart (but straight and much more attractive!) I think that is the cutest idea!

  2. Thi-Anh

    Cool! Just make sure you look at the bigger stuff, because you’ll be surprised at what can fit him…Kannyn wears some 3-6mo and then 9 and 12 mo..and she’s 7 months old…very cute

  3. The Christian's

    I look at your blog every now and then and had to leave a comment about this! This is such a GREAT idea!! Thanks for sharing this. Also, I tried the recipe for the buffalo chicken wraps and it was delicious!!

  4. .caroline armelle.

    hi staci.
    i just bought the foam door hangers at a craft store like michaels then cut a slit in the side so it could slide onto a closet rod.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Caroline,

    I’m a freelance writer writing a how to on organizing baby’s closet. I came across your great idea and have included your blog title as a place for readers to go to find out how to make their own size dividers. If this is a problem please let me know.

    I Gladd

  6. Alicia

    This is so ingenious! I was just googling this kind of item and ran across some that were $10.99 at But this is way cheaper and way more personalized! YOu are going in my bookmarks!

  7. CAB

    Hi – cute idea! What kind of stickers did you use and how have they held up (ie, any peeling off issues, etc.).

    Do you think using Sharpies or Paint pens would work as well?

    How about removal of stickers later on to make the hangers “grow” with your child and change to larger sizes (2T, 3T, etc.)

    Just a few questions I had – I found some cute hangers the other day at Hobby Lobby with hearts around the top part in Valentine colors – perfect for my baby girl due in just a few weeks! Hope you have a mn. to reply! Thanks!! Enjoying your blog – just discovered it!

  8. The Jacksons

    Such a GREAT IDEA! I was about the buy some when I came across your site. I just went and bought the materials today and made them in about 20 mins. This was really needed in my home b/c we have 2 boys (well, one is 21 mos old and we have a baby on the way) and we are handing down clothes from the oldest to the baby on the way… so this really helps to organize the new baby's closet. Thanks Again!


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