More Onesies!

June 5, 2007

I totally cleaned house at the Down East Tent sale on the Pottery Barn onesies!!

Now what to do with them?? So many ideas! I’ll have to post when I get them all done up!
And, p.s. Please comment on the post below if you have any help/ideas/suggestions for baby announcements.

One thought on “More Onesies!

  1. Kelly

    holy cow! i could have sworn you just had a baby. how do you have all this extra time on your hands? s for the baby announcement… do you have pictures already in mind. i’m very visual… i need to see something. otherwise, i’d suggest just checking out all the announcement sites… but it sounds like you already did that. my most recent announcment was simple. just one picture, but it featured both boys. Owen’s name was written at the top, almost over the picture, and the bottom was almost blocked off in a red color, with all the info. that probably doesn’t really help. does it?


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