What I got done Today!

June 19, 2007

I am SOOO happy to report that I got a few necklaces done today… and the day isn’t over yet!

I’ve been trying to get a new piece done everyday, but I haven’t been doing the best job.. So, I’m glad I did this.

I’m loving these new necklaces. They are made with hand cut sterling silver discs that are hand drilled to add beautiful stones!

Until I get them up on my website, http://www.armellejewelry.com/… you can also buy them here using the add to cart buttons.

Peridot Coin Necklace, $59.00

Labradorite Coin Necklace $69.00

4 thoughts on “What I got done Today!

  1. suzi

    you do such beautiful work!! Going to go check out your website. Love your blog by the way!! Great Taste!!


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