Charming Lockets from Martha

July 27, 2007

Martha made a cute Locket on her show today using nail polish and cute embellishments! It made me think of how many other things you could dress up with nail polish?? Picture Frames perhaps? See instructions below. Instructions and Photo via Martha

Tools and Materials
Nail glue, optional
Paper towel
Colored nail polish
Toothpick, optional
Nail-polish remover, optional
Cotton swab, optional
Charming Locket How-To
1. Lay out your appliques in the design you want to create, since you do not want to move the items on the polish once you put them down. If you want to add appliques on top of others (such as a rhinestone in the center of a flower), use nail glue to stick them on before you start.
2. Take a locket and sand the center of the outside. This will allow the nail polish to “grip” to something. Wipe away dust with a paper towel.
3. Pour colored nail polish onto center of locket and fill area. Use the nail polish brush to pull the polish to cover all points on the face of the outside of the locket. The paint should come all the way to the lip.
4. While polish is still wet, use tweezers to place desired appliques on locket. Sometimes nail polish gets drawn to appliques, so you can add additional polish to shallow areas with a nail brush or toothpick. Let dry overnight. If nail polish drips on your appliques, wait until it dries and clean it up using nail polish remover and a cotton swab.
Resources Mandy Moore and Martha used large lockets from The rhinestones are from M & J Trimming. Nail polish and tweezers can be found at most drug stores. You can find sandpaper (we used 220-grit paper) at hardware stores.

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