What I did with the Onesies!

July 4, 2007

I made a couple of cute shirts for my little guy today. I added some cute fabric patches to some T-shirts and onesies!

It is very easy to do.
Materials Needed:
*Fabric with a print cut out
*Heat N’ Bond Lite (Be sure to get light so you can stitch through it) -find it at any fabric store.

1) Cut out fabric patch you like.
2) Place fabric Right side down on ironing board with a piece of paper on it with iron set to SILK.
3) Place Heat N’ Bond Paper on top of Fabric with smooth side up.
— (So layers go- ironing board, piece of paper, fabric cut out right side down, heat n’ bond smooth side up.)
4) Press fabric for a few seconds.
5) Cut Fabric Shape to your desire with paper still attached.
6) Peel Heat N’ bond paper from the fabric. You will see a shiny substance on the wrong side of the fabric when it is on correctly.
7) Place fabric patch on desired located on the onesie.
8) Press for 8-10 seconds then iron around to make sure it is attached well.
9) With sewing machine or hand sewing.. sew a zig zag around the edge to keep the fabric patch in place.


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