From Ordinary to Extraordinary

August 10, 2007

I like to look at things I have around the house and see what I can do to make them more unique or pleasing to the eye.

I’ve had this diaper bag sitting around my house the past four months… ya know the one everyone gets free from the hospital. I was about to donate it when I thought… huh, I think I can do something with this..

So here it was before…

…. and here it is now! Saved from the fate of the racks at the local thrift store.
..then I continued on with my thoughts and turned to my camera case..


..and after

So, I know you’d all like to know how I did it? So would I really because I’m not sure if my method was the best way and it was kind of complicated…

but, this is kind of what I did in a nutshell and if you like to try it on your own… good luck… and sorry this probably doesn’t make sense.

Thin cardboard or cardstock
Heat N’ Bond (Heavy duty for no sew) or Lite for if you are going to sew and reinforce. — can find it at fabric store.

So, basically I took what I wanted to cover and I got a thin piece of cardboard and trace the general area onto card board or cardstock thick paper and cut it out.
Then, I layed out the fabric underneath the cardboard and cut out the fabric with about a 1/4 of extra fabric all around.
Then, I proceeded to iron down all the sides around the cardboard.
And then the fabric came out looking like the shape of the piece I wanted to cover.

Then I followed the directions on the Heat N’ Bond package and applied the Heat N’ bond to the fabric piece.
Then I continued to follow the directions and ironed it onto the area I wanted to cover.

For the camera bag… since it started to melt the plastic with the iron… opps… I ending up re-inforcing it by sewing it on around the edges. The Ultra Heat N’ bond is designed to stay on without sewing (like I did on the bag)… so there you go all you non-sewers..

And there you have it.. let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to help you. Also, let me know if you try it! I’d love to see how yours turns out. That is why I share my tutorials. Just please be sure to read the copyright notice on the sidebar! Have fun!

8 thoughts on “From Ordinary to Extraordinary

  1. Thi-Anh

    Cute! I also got that diaper bag, but from the movie theaters (mommy and me movies) and I ended up using it to put my lactina breast pump in it to transport it to work everyday. Works quite well and I just leave the pump in there when I pump too.


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