8 thoughts on “{snack time!}

  1. Caroline

    These handy ones come in little packs from Sams Club and you just pop them into the microwave to heat them up. They even come with handy packs of sea salt. I think if you want to cook them raw though you can just steam them.

    They’re super tasty.. you just eat the inside…

  2. Shana

    YUM!! They look so good! I wonder if they have them at Costco? I need to look!! Because they look really good! Caroline, I just LOVE coming to this site every now and then and checking out all of your creative ideas! Seriously, you have the best ideas ever!

  3. Maria

    I love these, too! I discovered them in Mesa at the Costco, but the box is so big that you have to have room in your freezer!

  4. Shana

    BTW, I went to Happy Sumo last night and enjoyed these!!!! They are sooooo yummy. I think I could eat them all day long- every day!

  5. Lady N

    Edamame’s are my fave snacks too! They are so much cheaper to buy the package and boil them yourself at home. The last time I ordered them at a sushi restaurant, it was 5 bucks for a teeny little bowl!


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