{back to the basics}

October 2, 2007

:: ok so back in the day when i started this blog, it was meant to inspire me in my jewelry design/making endeavors… [this is where most of you go, ooohh she’s a jewelry designer??] ..which it has, but i have gotten a little side tracked with other fun things, which is good too. but, this month i need to get crackin’ on making some new pieces and getting ready to fill my shop and the shops i sell at with goodies for the christmas season before it gets too overwhelming. ::

:: so, jessica from lost button studio and i decided to challenge ourselves to make at least one new piece a day for the month of october [weekends off, thank goodness] ::

:: so, please wish us luck!! ::

:: i’d love to hear any comments you have on my new pieces, it will really help me stay motivated!! so please let me know what you think of the new stuff.. likes/dislikes.. anything you wish to say! ::

:: and don’t worry, i’ll try to slip in a little fun [crafty things, recipes, etc] throughout the month too ::

:: i will update my shop with these new items as soon as i can get my laptop back from my hubby, but for now they are available to purchase, just email me at caroline@armellejewelry.com and i can send you an invoice to pay with paypal ::

***[update: items now posted on www.armellejewelry.com ]****

:: so, without further ado, here’s a few i’ve been working on today ::

{unakite rose 14kt gold-filled necklace, $69}
{black onyx rectangle hoop earrings [sterling], $32}

8 thoughts on “{back to the basics}

  1. Melissa Jane

    I was just curious if you were going to do a jewelery party again for the up coming christmas months. We loved loved loved yours last years and those are all definitely our favorite pieces of jewlery…anyway if you are let us know…I’m sure all the fellow bloggers would love to be informed as well!

  2. caroline

    thanks melissa.
    i haven’t decided yet if i will be doing another party for christmas.
    i will post on my blog if i do though.
    i will be doing a similar event for my sisters ward. email me (email on the right) and i will let you know the details if you want to come to that one.

  3. suzi

    new pieces every day!! This will be interesting to watch unfold. Love how you did the necklace, loops and pearls!! beautiful.


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