{new earrings}

October 12, 2007

{sterling silver handmade rectangle hoops with red poppy jasper stones, $32}
{14kt gold-filled handmade hoops with freshwater pearls, $34}
:: finally a few more new pieces i’ve made this week ::
:: can i tell ya how much i LOVE to make jewelry, but can i tell ya how much i HATE taking pictures of my jewelry ::
:: maybe one day i’ll figure it all out, but it’s just kills me to sit down and have to get some pictures of my jewelry ::
:: i love to get pictures of them for my shop and to remember what i’ve made, but man it’s a pain [i’d much rather take a picture of my kiddo] ::
:: perhaps if i ever make it big i’ll hire out all my photos, ya that’s what i’ll do ::
:: anyhow, have a great weekend! ::
[update: just posted to purchase on my site. www.armellejewelry.com]

6 thoughts on “{new earrings}

  1. Shana

    You are the most talented person ever. You make me sick girl! 🙂 Not really, but I wish I was as talented as you. You are really incredible with everything you do!!! Gorgeous earrings!

  2. Nick & Nicole

    Hi there, I found your blog through a friend of a friend of a friend. I just wanted to say that you are amazingly talented and creative. You have super ideas and I can’t wait to try them all! You give really good instructions to non creative people like me. Keep up the good work!


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