{ beenie baby }

November 12, 2007

:: so last month i was looking for some cute little beenies for my little dude, but i didn’t really want to spend $18 bucks a pop. so after seeing this, i thought i’d make a few beenies myself for the little dude out of old sweaters. [yes, i’m goin’ green!] i was so pleased with how they turned out and now my little guy has plenty of hats to keep his little head warm this winter.. and at the rate his head has been growing, i can whip him up one in a few minutes anytime. nice! ::

:: the one my little z man is wearing in the picture at the top i made from the neck of a turtle neck sweater. it fit perfect with a little room to grow! ::

5 thoughts on “{ beenie baby }

  1. Chelsea

    So cute!! I love this! I saw an MS article where they made mittens this way too and I’ve been wanting to try it. Now, YOU are inspiring me!


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