{getting work done?}

November 9, 2007

:: well i was hoping to get a lot of work done this week and have all my stores stocked with jewelry and yada yada yada [is that even how you spell that?] anyhow, instead i’ve been busy with birthdays, a sick baby [so sad], and a poor husband who has the shingles who can’t help with the sick baby or he could expose him to chicken pox. yikes. not fun ::
:: but i did manage to do a few things amidst all the sicknesses around me ::

:: i was able to make my first birthday cake from scratch for my hubbies 30th this last weekend [those are raspberries on top if you can’t tell, not the greatest picture] ::
:: the cupcakes were for the kiddos, courtesy of sprinkles cupcake mix. yum-o ::

:: here’s a new pair of armelle jewelry earrings. thankfully i was able to get a few new pieces made the other day during nap time. i hope to have a lot more where that came from and i will get this up in my shop soon and hopefully have more to share. ::
:: i’ve been trying to get things ready for the upcoming holidays + of course the beehive bazaar ::
:: hope you all have a great weekend! i sure hope my boys get feeling better this weekend! ::
:: oh p.s. this carseat just arrived on my doorstep [of course not in purple] a few minutes ago. i researched a bit and i think it will be great. let me know what you think if you know anything about these. i was between this and the marathon [i didn’t get this one because when i went to babies r us to check it out they were all off the shelf because there was a recall. check out more information on the recall here. ::

5 thoughts on “{getting work done?}

  1. veeda

    I have yet to try sprinkles, but I know lots of folks love ’em. Also, I love those earrings.

    Also, we have the Boulevard as well and love it too.

  2. Thi-Anh

    We have the marathon and I love it. There was a recall, that involved the tether that we don’t use, but since we registered the carseat online, they sent us the piece we needed to fix it right away. All the Britax are awesome. Only thing with the Boulevard is that you can’t remove the side impact things and the babies lean forward when they’re older to try and see out the side windows which may strain the neck. Otherwise I have a friend that has it and her baby loves it. Britax uses the best materials, I wish I could have a seat like it. Only bummer is buying two of them with having two cars since they’re not the cheapest. Anyhow, just remember to register the carseat online, then you’re good to go with future recalls.


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