{it’s already november?}

November 2, 2007

:: so i hope everyone had a great halloween! i know i did!! ::
:: can you believe halloween is over and november is here? ::
:: my little z man was the cutest cow around. i think i enjoy him dressing up much more than he did ::

:: we had a fun evening passing out candy, eating this soup i made with crunchy rolls, and seeing family ::
:: i’ve been working hard getting some jewelry ready for the holidays and for this.. so wish me luck! i’ll share some new pieces soon! have a great weekend! ::

8 thoughts on “{it’s already november?}

  1. Megs

    You don’t know me, but I read your blog. I made almost that exact soup except I use more butter and no milk or half and half. Instead of cheese, I use cheese whiz (sounds gross just saying cheese whiz, but it is amazing) and I also added peas. It sounds like a lot of difference, but not really. Most people don’t make cheese soup so I thought I should comment.


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