{button, button who wants a button?}

December 6, 2007

:: it’s finally here!! i was meaning to put together a button for the armelle blog for a while, so here it is! ::

:: if you’re a fan of the armelle blog, i’d LOVE for you to have a button! [or simply add us to your favorite links] ::

{how to put this button on your blog- instructions for blogger}
1- sign into your blogger account
2- go to manage: layout
3- click on add a page element on your right or left side bar depending on your format
4- click on the HTML/JavaScript [add to blog] option
5- simply paste the code into the large blank area under content [please let me know if you have any problems]

*****click here to get the code for the armelle blog button****

thanks for your support! i love sharing my ideas with you!


:: also, if you are a fan of my jewelry line you can add a button to your blog as well. ::

*********click here to get the code for my armelle jewelry button*******


4 thoughts on “{button, button who wants a button?}

  1. naomi carmen

    I have both buttons up and running on my blog. I love reading both your blogs and I certainly want to be instrumental in spreading the word about your jewelry line. I love your work!!!


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