{jumping on the advent calendar wagon}

December 5, 2007

{photo via julieree}

:: i think i’m the last person to make a post about advent calendars on my blog ::

:: seriously, i never knew these were so big. what ever happend to the good old chocolate pop out ones. well, i know what happend to ours, my husband and i ate it in a matter of minutes. we aren’t too patient to wait 25 days obviously. ::

:: anyhow, this cute advent calendar is available as a free download over at the julieree blog ::

:: i think i just may hop on the advent wagon with this free download , and bonus… you can’t see what is in the box so that may keep us from eating all the treats on day one! ::

:: on another note, i just finished our christmas card last night and i’m super excited about it! i’ll share a little later after they are all sent off ::

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