{the stockings were hung …}

December 11, 2007

:: i finally had the chance to get our stockings made ::
:: i decided to stick with my recycled sweaters theme i’ve had going on latetly :::: i’m liking these because, 01- if i get sick of them next year or want a new color i can just make new ones, and 02- when we add to the family, i can whip up a new one! :::: so, do any of you have any fun stocking ideas to share? ::

9 thoughts on “{the stockings were hung …}

  1. Natalie

    These are so cute, great idea. I have a ton of old sweaters ready to take to DI, but perhaps I’ll reconsider and do this instead. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Michelle

    So cute! I did my advent calendar out of old sweaters, and then made a quilt out of the leftover sweater parts. 🙂

  3. kristina

    I absolutely love these! you did an awesome job! they are adorable! I am about to make some myself I just need to dig out my old sweaters hmmmm where are those?

  4. Kris

    I just want you to know I love your blog and I LOVE all of your ideas. You are a super gifted person with tons of talent. Thanks so much for sharing.


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