{organization no. 03}

January 16, 2008

:: organization no. 03. hall closet overhaul. ::
:: our hall closet was looking a little sad the past while, it was a catch-all of things i needed to get out of the way quick. so here was my solution. ::

:: organization no. 03- hall closet help ::
[01] group like items into categories
[02] buy shoebox plastic bins
[03] label bins
[04] place items in bins

yeah! i can finally find a double a battery when i need one!

6 thoughts on “{organization no. 03}

  1. }I{naomi carmen}I{

    you know you always have such great ideas. where do you get them? and this one is such a simple idea, yet, if you wouldn’t have told me, who knows when i would have thought of it…thanks for sharing what works for you!


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