{organization no. 04}

January 24, 2008

:: organization no. 04out with the old ::

:: so i’ve been working on my clothing closet.. and this just might be the most difficult of them all. these are just two of the trash bags i filled up with things i need to get rid of. it’s difficult parting ways with some things, mainly because i think about all the hard earned money i spent on it and it just kills me to give it away to goodwill or whatever. i’ve taken some to sell at platos closet and pibs exchange, but sometimes they can be quite picky. i may sell some on ebay. it’s been successful in the past, but honestly a bit time consuming and i really am not in the mood. we’ll see. maybe i should do a cyber garage sale like cute ali suggested. ::

One thought on “{organization no. 04}

  1. ali

    We are living parallel lives! Except yours is labeled better, and probably much less haphazard. I took out EIGHT bags last week. It felt so good. But what to do with all those clothes??


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