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February 19, 2008

i just love making things for babies. it’s been a lot of fun to make cute shirts for my little z man over the past little while!

i was so excited to get to make some baby gifts for some friends upcoming little ones, especially the girl ones since i never get to make the girly things yet.
here are some fun onesies i’ve been making lately. the top “pirate” one is for my z man and the rest were gifts.

i also made a diaper wipe case for my friends shower. i know i said like forever ago that i’d post the instructions to make these.. and, i’m finally working on it. it’s taking a lot more time than i thought to put them together with step by step pictures and all that i thought i’d post the pattern on my etsy shop for $3.00. is that mean? what do you think? i’d love to do it for free, but it’s taking a lot of my time. so, i’ll let you know when that is available. should be soon.

14 thoughts on “{baby things}

  1. Emily Kate

    I love these onesies!! You should definitely sell them!

    And I don’t think it’s rude to sell the pattern for the wipes. I think it’s smart! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d pay $3 for a pattern, definitely.

  2. Jill

    the fabric combos you choose are so fabulous. you should sell those onesies in your etsy as well (but make it worth your while!) i think its great to sell your patterns too. you’re so talented!

  3. Horsley Home

    you are so so talented! you know what- you REALLY should sell these! I work at Babinski’s (in foothill village), and we sell some that are similar, but not as funky, called V.Lou Textiles and they sell like craaaazy! We can’t keep them in stock… this “homemade” style is so popular right now! Really, if you are interested let me know! We love supporting local people! Toodles!

  4. Make and Takes

    Darling onsies with darling fabric. I too started a sewing frenzy when I finally had a little one to sew for, it’s addicting. and I actually think a pattern to sell is a great idea. I know what time it takes to write those up. And those wipe cases are hot right now and the pattern would sell like crazy! Good Luck!

  5. Michelle

    I just happened upon your site for something else I was googling, when I found this project. Have you set up the pattern and tutorial for it yet? I would love to get it, even through your etsy shop. Thanks!

    Keep up the fun ideas!


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