{valentine craft}

February 1, 2008

some friends and i got together to make heather bailey’s paper globes last night. i love the end result and they were fun to make, but i’ll admit we were cursing heather bailey for making it look so easy and quick. …no, these babies are a little time consuming as you have to cut a bunch of circles out, fold them, then glue them together. but, all in all it was worth it and now i do have a cute little valentines decoration. my first ever.. [and, i don’t think it’s my last..]

i was finally able to put the finishing touches on my paper globe while my little z-man was napping today. i opted to make a different heart, as heather bailey’s was made out of felt which was really cute too!

a fun project, but if you want to try it out, be sure to have a little time…

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