garden swap: the loot

March 14, 2008

i feel awful that it took me so long to share my loot from the garden swap. i scored on some cute garden related things! i loved how bree packaged all the cute items with great colors. i got everything from cute flower printed tissues to cute leaf shaped coasters. my all time favorite thing i got was the cutest vegetable garden key chain from j. crew. i’m obsessed.

thanks bree! and thanks nicole for hosting!

5 thoughts on “garden swap: the loot

  1. Casey

    i feel so bad for not saying thank you for MY gift from you sooner!! i recieved it and absolutely love it, especially the necklace! i noticed how much care you put into each and every item, i love it all! thank you so much! –casey

  2. cyndi

    How do you find all these swaps… You get the cutest stuff. I totally want to do one. My sister Chira an dI are blog stalkers and frequent yours. It Rocks! You have the best stuff seriously!

  3. Jewels

    I love looking at your blog! So crafty, I can’t stand it. Sorry it’s been forever – so much has been going on! Hopefully things will calm down…but I doubt it. We still need to get together! Maybe next week? Or the week after? Send me an email…or stop by my blog and we’ll definitely set something up – Happy Spring!

  4. .caroline armelle.

    thanks cyndi.
    you just look around on blogs and people usually announce that they are going to host a swap.
    there are usually quite a few going on somewhere.


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