some more z’s…

March 30, 2008

yes, i am fully aware that you are all probably so sick of looking at the onesies i make for z man, but i guess i just can’t help myself. here’s a new batch for the little dude. i got together with some friends and we made some for our little ones. it was fun to try a new way to embellish onesies. i made a few the night we got together, and when i got home my husband loved them, but insisted that he come up with a cool one. so, next thing i knew i was handed a copy of mr. cobra commander [of g.i. joe i’m told] so, i was able make the last one yesterday and i quite like it. my husband thinks is the coolest onesies ever… p.s. i probably should have taken a picture of the first one before z man had his way with it and i fished it out of the laundry bin, dirty and crumpled. oh well..

6 thoughts on “some more z’s…

  1. amanda

    do you have an easy how-to on your blog somewhere of how to make something like this? i am going to be a mommy in a few weeks and have been wanting to make some onesies for my little girlie. i would buy all of yours, but i am not yet a self-made thousandaire.


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