April 1, 2008

this week is cupcake week over at martha stewart, and when i was browsing the cupcake recipes i came across this hi-hat cupcake again. i’ve seen in around before and i’ve always wanted to make them. so if any of you have tried it out let me know how it turned out. it looks yummy and reminds me of the dipped cones i used to get as a kid.

recipe here.
this one looks good too.
and, this one.
photo via martha stewart

4 thoughts on “cupcakes…

  1. Monica

    I have been obsessed with cupcakes lately and have been loving cupcake week at MS as well. I also stumbled onto a blog (! She does amazing cupcakes as well…loved to browse all her recipes!

    Sorry to intrude, but I am a blog snooper of your site! Just wanted to say I love your blog and love to view all your talent! You are an inspiration!


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