dreaming of paris…

April 27, 2008

louvre, may 2002- photo by me

by far, my all time favorite city in the world is paris. i don’t even need to go to all the cities in the world to realize this. sometimes i’ll be eating something, driving somewhere, or smell something that will immediately make me think of paris and take me there. does that ever happen to you with a place?

luxembourg palace gardens, may 2002 – photo by me i LOVE to travel. and, right now i have such an itch to go to paris. it’s been four years this may since i’ve been last, and it’s the longest spread since i was a kid. i used to go almost every year or every other year. i was lucky that my dad who’s from france brought us there a lot for work, and i fell in love. so, i ended up doing two study abroads there while in college. i remember telling someone once that i don’t want to make a habit of going to paris so often because i want to truly appreciate it. not just go, oh, there’s the eiffel tower.. i see that every day. or wow, another 500 year old cathedral. i wanted to appreciate all the uniqueness i guess. and, it did work. since i haven’t been for a while i do appreciate it more.
anyhow, sorry for all the babbling..

so, with all that. i’m SOOO glad that ali introduced me to the cherry blossom girl blog. i just LOVE her blog. it’s not only great fashion straight out of paris, but it has little bits of paris on there that i LOVE to see. she recently started posting in english too if you can’t read french.
i’m dying over a recent post where her and some other bloggers got to be in a photo shoot for madame figaro. talk about dream come true. so interesting how some bloggers can change the direction of paris fashion.
see more info here.

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