May 13, 2008

wow! what a weekend!

i just want to first thank all of you who came out to the beehive bazaar last weekend! i was so pleased with the turn out and i sold most of my stuff. so, thanks to all who bought my jewelry!

i had plans to tackle a million projects at my house this week as it was neglected while working on jewelry for the beehive bazaar. but, as i started yesterday i suddenly became overwhelmed with all there was to do. i’ve been ignoring things too long. i know i just need to tackle one at a time, but my mind began to wander and of course all the things were flashing in my mind at once. my poor husband came home at lunch at was eyeing me wondering what in the world was wrong with me. see, i normally don’t get frazzled easily. i usually can take a lot on my plate at once, but every once in a while everything can catch up. i told him i just need a moment to vent, not a talk about how to fix it. and, as usual… that worked. with the help of a few treats [well, a lot…] , a chick flick, a new episode of gossip girl [a fav guilty pleasure of mine], fresh crab for dinner, a cuddle with my two guys, and of course the season finale of the bachelor [so glad he picked shayne!] i’m ready to tackle the house today. i even have all the drawers of my dresser emptied to start refinishing it. look forward to pictures.. and wish me luck of course.

on a lighter note. i was browsing my local grocery store for aforementioned treats, and i came across my favorite cookie from france. le petit ecolier!! so excited to find these in the states! they are super yummy and the chocolate is to die for. they sell them at target or you can go to their site to see where they sell them in your area. they even had pims!! definately worth a try too.

3 thoughts on “overwhelmed…

  1. Naomi Carmen

    hey, congrats on your success this past weekend. must feel good when people buy your stuff, i know i love wearing the earrings chad got for me for valentine’s day. also, i love those treats, grew up on them in germany, and thanks for letting me know where to find them. i also remember the pims. that is awesome!!! did you like the movie. jenny and i watched it and i still can’t decide if i really really liked it. i think i did, but it was definitely a different kind of movie. anyway, i hope you are feeling better now, i hate days like you are describing. but i know you can do it, you are always such a great example to me. you are awesome! let me know if you need help or if the little guy wants to come play while you work on stuff.

  2. i'm kelly

    take it slow… i know it’s easier said than done, but all the mess/ projects, etc. didn’t accumulate overnight, so you don’t have to fix it in one day. enjoy your treats for a while & then start slowly! good luck. i feel for you.

  3. patrick & carly

    I love your blog! I’m sad I was unable to make it to the Beehive Bazaar, but I am glad you sold out…not surprised…your stuff is gorgeous! I too LOVE those cookies! It’s hard to stop eating them!


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