July 30, 2008

me ol’ bookshelf
do you ever just all the sudden get in a reading mood? well, i do.. in a big way.
i’ve been in a big reading mood lately. one night i just suddenly felt the urge to read a good book. a few minutes later, i packed the mr. and the baby into the car headed for barnes and noble. we had a good time, the mr. of course looking at history related books and i.. i was on the search for a book. a good summer reading book.
i ended up jotting down a, well large list of books, and then we headed home so i could place all these books on hold at the library… i guess i’m economical. anyhow, many of these books came available, all at the same time… so i’ve been reading and reading. two down, a zillion to go.
here’s a few currently gracing my nightstand.. [i’ve read the top and bottom book, hum.. what next?]

so… i’m dying to know??? what is your favorite book?? or a good read that you recommend? i’m always looking for a book, so don’t be shy and puh-lease let me know your favs.

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  1. carly k.

    Oh, I love to read. I always have at least 3 books going at once. One in my purse, a couple on the nightstand, one for bubble baths… Right now I am reading "Eat Pray Love" and I can't think of the author's name, but I am loving it! I want to reread it as soon as I am finished. I love the books "Mrs. Mike" "The Kitchen Boy" "The Kite Runner" and "A Thousand Splendid Suns". I also have a long list of books I want to read:) I love going to B&N!!

  2. Rebecca

    There is nothing better than reading in the sunshine. Five of my favourite books are:

    Love in the time of cholera – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Blindness – Jose Saragamo

    Carter beats the Devil – Glen David Gold

    I Capture The Castle – Dodie Smith

    Anything by Anne Tyler, her writing on the intricacies of life astound me.

    Happy Reading! Rebecca

  3. Kathryn

    Here are some personal favorites, in no particular order:

    East of Eden by John Steinbeck
    Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
    The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
    The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver
    Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison
    The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon
    A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson


  4. Adriane

    Reading is an excellent past time. It’s great that you can find the time to read with all that you do. I love some of the classics…

    Frankenstein Mary Shelley
    The Stranger Albert Camus
    I, Robot Issac Asimov

    Enjoy your books…

  5. Horsley Home

    I think my favorite all time book is Kite Runner. I'm sure you've already read it, but isn't it so beautiful?! My favorite book when I was a kid is James & the Giant Peach- I still love reading it every few years.

  6. Jen~e

    Suite Francaise (Irene Nemirovsky), East of Eden (John Steinbeck), Testament of Youth (Vera Brittain), are all favorites.

    I think you would love Suite Francaise. Its three separate stories about life in France during WW2. Its honestly one of my all time favorites.

    I too have a stack of books i need to read, now if i could just do that for a living.

  7. .caroline armelle.

    hey thanks everyone for the recommendations so far!

    i have read eat, pray, love. i liked it.. didn’t love it, but i’d recommend it. i have also read the kite runner as a few of you suggested and i really enjoyed that one too.

    loving all the suggestions, please keep them coming!

  8. Madison Envy

    I’m not a huge reader, and I guess tend to be a “trend reader”. I read whatever is the latest and greatest that everyone is talking about. So I bet I don’t have any suggestions that you haven’t already read! Have fun though.

  9. Naomi Carmen

    i am so glad you posted this, i was going to post a similar post on my blog just to see what people are reading. i am in the same mood right now, hence me reading the twilight books. so are you going to try to get the new book tomorrow at midnight? keri and i are going to try and find it somewhere, if you want to come with, let me know.

    also, thanks for your recommendations, i’ll have to read some of those books as well.

    have you read memoires of a geisha? i really liked that one. it’s an older book, but i loved it. much better than the movie, for sure!

  10. Callaways

    have you read or heard about the Twilight Series??? by Stefanie Meyers… very good books. Can’t stop reading. Also her new one The Host,,,, different but good.

  11. laceyJ.

    I love posts like this! I also didn’t love “Eat Pray Love,” it was really slow for me. Some of my all-time faves include:

    “To Kill a Mockingbird” (If you haven’t read it lately, read it!)

    “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” (Lovely writing.)

    AND, a sorta-recent fave- “The Glass Castle…” so inspiring!

  12. .caroline armelle.

    naomi-yes, i do really like memoirs of a geisha, i’ve read that one several times as well.

    and lacey, thanks for the recommendations too, it’s been years since i’ve read to kill a mockingbird, but i love that one as well. i’ll have to check out the others.

    oh, and yes.. guilty pleasure i have read all the twilight books and will be reading the last one when it comes out this week. i really, really liked them at first, and to be honest have liked them less and less the more i think about them [don’t stone me], but they are really good fast reads.. but, of course i still have to see what happends in the last one. oh, and yes i just read the host too. i liked it ok. a good fast read.

    again, thanks for all the recommendations! i’d love to hear more! keep them coming!

  13. Laurie

    A couple favorites: The Book Thief and Life of Pi. I also liked The Thirteenth Tale.

    Have you checked out It’s a great way to get recommendations from people you know and see their reviews on books they’ve read.

    Happy reading!

  14. Bari

    Hi Caroline!
    Have lurked before but never commented..couldn’t resist! I read alot.

    I see you already have some Jodi Picoult on there, The Pact is the best in my opinion but others are good too, all the same style so don’t read too many in a row. They get really addicting though.

    Other faves without really knowing you:
    The Time Traveler’s Wife (hyped for a reason!) by Audrey Niffenegger
    Bel Canto by Ann Patchett
    Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
    The Gravedigger’s daughter by Joyce Carol Oates.

    Happy reading.

  15. Stephanie


    My all-time favorite is Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. I always learn something new about relationships and what not after reading it…and reading it again. It’s the only book I’ve ever re-read. I also love all books written by Jane Austen 🙂

  16. ali

    I’m with Stephanie. “Crossing to Safety” is so so good. I heart Wallace Stegner.

    My favorites are “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” by Jonathan Safran Foer, “The History of Love,” by Nicole Krauss and “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury. All three remind you what it’s like to be a kid.

  17. Valerie

    I too love Crossing to Safety and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Both are so good. I recently read Gone with the Wind and LOVED it. If you haven’t read it before, I would highly recommend it!

  18. capperoo

    Hi there – I just finished “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. Amazing book. Not a light one, but so worth reading.
    Jodi Picoult’s ‘Plain Truth’ is really good. Quite fascinating to learn about Amish life and a good mystery.
    I’m reading ‘The Ha Ha’ next for my book group. I’m also working through ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’ by Barbara Kingsolver between my other books. It’s a fascinating look at eating locally/growing your own food.
    Have fun choosing!

  19. Nance

    Your post sounds exactly like me.
    I go on reading frenzies.
    I “shop” at the bookstore and then put my list on hold at the library.
    And all the books become available at about the same time so I have a huge stack to work my way through.

    I hate nonfiction. Maybe that’s too strong a word, but a lot of my favorites have already been listed, so here are a couple nonfictions:
    CandyFreak by Steve Almond
    Stiff by Mary Roach

    On to fiction:
    Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larsen
    Pope Joan by Donna Cross

    As far as a series:
    A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
    The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

  20. Amanda Conley

    wow, you have a lot of recommendations here! I love Jodi picoult too (I see you got some of hers)
    Someone already said “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” I just finished it and I loved it!
    Have you heard of BookMooch? If you give a book, you can get one for free! I’ve been doing it for a while and I’ve gotten some really great books.

  21. Anonymous

    I love your blog. I am reading through the archives, and can't resist stopping here to recommend a few books.

    Almost French–an Australian woman marries a Frenchman and gets to go live in Paris–your favorite city (mine too)
    Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith (it's an old one, by the author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a book another commenter recommended, that I second)
    Isabel's Bed by Elinor Lipman. A funny tale that I re-read all the time. Love Elinor Lipman.

    These are all fairly light, but exceptionally readable. Enjoy!



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