July 11, 2008

i wish it was homemade gnocchi, but i wasn’t too lucky as it was store bought. one day i’ll have to attempt to make gnocchi of my own. i remember a few years back in france sitting in the kitchen of my cousins grandma [their other one, not our shared grandma, follow?] she’s a ninety something french woman from nice, france which has a lot of italian influence. she was in her kitchen cooking fresh gnocchi, [she’s an amazing cook], and she had me rolling the little dough off a fork. she shared with me a secret about gnocchi that i still want to try. she told me when you make it, you must make sure that you use OLD potatoes. that’s the secret. don’t you just love those little secrets that come with years of experience that can entirely change a dish? anyhow, i’m trying to come up with ways to use all my fresh basil i planted. monday we had mozzarella and basil pizza, and today for lunch gnocchi with the left over tomato sauce i made for the pizza. not bad, not bad. will have to keep using it up.

any other suggestions for cooking with basil?

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