i need my own prop room…

July 15, 2008

so, i’m sure you’ve all seen martha stewarts prop room that she featured on her blog a while back. [although i have a strange suspicion that her assistants write it, but perhaps i’m wrong and she writes it in all her spare time…] anyhow, i’ve been playing around with new decorations getting rid of old ones, finding new ones, then getting rid of new ones that don’t work… much to the mr.’s dismay. but, during my scuffling about of things, i realized that maybe i need my own “prop” room like ms. martha. i mean maybe i’ll need some of this stuff down the road right? i could place it all nice on a shelf and everything. well, i’ll tell you now it won’t happen. but, i can dream right? and, while i’m dreaming i can pretend that i own all of the wonderful cake stands from martha’s prop room.

One thought on “i need my own prop room…

  1. 20-Something Superhero

    I just my spare bedroom as the “prop” room in our house. We rarely have guests and there’s some nice storage pieces in there. It’s no where near as big or fantastic as Martha’s but it works. I have an armoire full of vases and candlesticks. A chest filled with all sorts of throws and blankets, a shelf holds assorted display bowls, etc. Since everything is hidden away, when we do have guests, it works perfectly.


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