and the winner is…

August 11, 2008

totally chosen at random using a random number generator. comment #16 wins!

and, the 16th just happened to be a friend mine, sarah marie who said: “happy birthday! i would love to win one of these little cuties.” which is totally hilarious that she won because we went to dinner the other night with a few friends and i had on one of the hair clips i just made and she commented on how she liked it! so, sarah, i’m glad you won!! email me your mailing address and i’ll send you one of my latest creations asap!

and, for the rest of you…. thank you so much for the birthday wishes.. even if i had to entice you a bit.. ha ha. but really, it was nice to see that someone reads this blog…. so, thanks for coming out and playing! hope to see you around here more!

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