napkin art…

September 4, 2008

i came across these cute napkins on the just something i made blog where cathe had her collection of napkins she drew on that she tucked into her kids lunch sack. i thought they were too cute and clever. i love the last one the best!
i can’t wait to do something fun like this for my little guy when he gets old enough for me to pack him a lunch. i remember my mom used to do this for us. she wouldn’t draw anything, but she’d write a note. as far as i know she still writes a note on my dad’s napkin for his lunch she packs everyday. she always writes i love you on it.
i love the fun and simple things you can do to show your love for someone!

6 thoughts on “napkin art…

  1. Stargirl


    It’s great to get back in touch with you! Your photography is amazing – I visited your other blog as well. What kind of camera do you use? What lenses do you prefer? I’m just now getting more into photography and bought my first Nikon D40. Woot!


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