millions of peaches…

October 6, 2008

while watching general conference yesterday, i prepared to can peaches for the first time on my own.

i remember as a little girl we had two beautiful peach trees in our yard a long with a lot of other fruit trees. i used to help my mom can all the peaches. i would use a chop stick to push the little peaches around in the jar to make sure the pitted side was facing in. i always thought that was a dumb chore. why did it matter if the pit side was showing? then, of course while doing my peaches yesterday i was standing there using a chopstick to make sure it looked pretty with the pit side not showing. funny how things change. but, it was fun to finally get my mom’s canning supplies over at my house to learn my new canning skills.

i canned a half a bushel of peaches and got 14 jars of beautiful peaches.

the mr. has already gone through a half a jar and promptly asked if i’d be canning any more. well, i guess i’m going to have to so they’ll at least last us through the winter.

i found a great resource online with pictures to help you learn to can peaches.
click here.

8 thoughts on “millions of peaches…

  1. Natalie

    Caroline, Did you do the light, medium or heavy syrup? I canned peaches a few years ago and they turned out delicious, but I cannot remember which syrup I did. Thanks!

  2. Mary

    Congratulations! Canning is one of the things my mom, an avid gardener, neglected to teach me. But you’re an inspiration that perhaps one day I’ll check this one off my list as well.

  3. lyn.

    What an awesome job you did for your first attempt at canning peaches!

    They are just beautiful…

    I think you could win a blue ribbon at the fair with them!!

  4. Petit Elefant

    How did you make those lids? I’ve been canning all Summer and am about to finish up my apples. You must tell me how you did that so my food storage will look as lovely as those.


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