mini-pumpkin wreath…

October 8, 2008

still finishing up on some halloween decorations around my house so i can enjoy them for a little bit before taking them down.

i decided to make a wreath with mini-white pumpkins. i was happy it actually turned out as i planned. i haven’t lost a pumpkin yet.

super easy. it probably took me 20 minute max.

mini pumpkins [enough fill your wreath] [yes, they are real pumpkins… choose the color you like!]
wire wreath forms from craft store [found near flower supplies]
ribbon (color and size of your choice, i used black)
hot glue gun/glue

i basically just wrapped ribbon around the wire frame covering it completely, and glued in in place.
then, i hot glued each pumpkin one (you really have to use a lot of glue, don’t be afraid to be generous with it) by one around it. tied a ribbon around the top to hang it from.


17 thoughts on “mini-pumpkin wreath…

  1. Craftzilla

    That is very clean and classic looking, nice job! I love it. I’m going to feature that craft on my glue gun crafts blog if it’s OK.

  2. Heidi and Brandon

    Hi Armelle,
    I am Ire’s sister in-law and I saw what you girls made!!! How much fun was that! So I was looking at your blog and you have so many awesome ideas, and I just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration!!! Cant wait to find some time and to try some of your ideas out! Ciao.


    Okay so I tried to make this. It didn't turn out as well because my pumpkins are now in a bucket right below the hanging black ribboned & hot glue wreath.

    But I did have fun making it! Thank you for sharing your tutorial! ^_^

  4. Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things

    hi! I found the picture of your wreath on Flickr, and it lead me to your blog. I'm so glad I found it!

    I hope you don't mind – I referred to this post (with pictures) in my blog posting – I'm doing a post on white pumpkins. How perfect is your OH-SO easy how-to!

    Love it.

    Happy Weekend – Tracy.


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