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November 20, 2008

{photo by me}
{chocolate covered strawberries using almond bark coating}
until recently i couldn’t tell you what almond bark was. i would have guessed some kind of a tree, but almond bark is actually a great chocolate-like candy coating that melts amazingly well, and is great to use to make homemade candy coated yummies.
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a few almond bark facts:
  • almond bark is sold in large blocks that look like white or milk chocolate.
  • it does not contain almonds or any nuts at all.
  • it is call almond bark, because that is the “chocolate you use to make almond bark, which is kind of like peanut brittle, but with almonds and chocolate.
  • you can find almond bark in your grocery store near the baking chocolate. some stores have it year round, some just at christmas time.
  • it comes in either chocolate or vanilla
  • it is made from: sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm kernel, vegetable palm), whey (milk), soy lecithin, artificial color, artificial flavor.
a few recipes that use almond bark: {all are great recipes for the holidays}

and last my favorite way to use almond bark. like zupas, i share a love for chocolate covered strawberries.
they make quite a statement and are actually quite simple to make. they would also make great neighbor gifts for the upcoming holidays, if they last long enough to get them out the door, that is.
{chocolate covered strawberries}
1 lb strawberries
1/2 brick of almond bark in white chocolate or chocolatedirections
wash strawberries with stems still attached, and dry thoroughly to make sure there is no water on them. set aside.
using a double boiler, place chocolate in a heat proof pan over boiling water in a pot.
slowly mix chocolate until it is melted smooth.

*this also melts well in a glass bowl in the microwave in 30 second increments. put in the microwave for 30 seconds, mix chocolate, put back in. repeat until melted smooth. be careful not to overheat as it can burn and caramelize.

dip and coat strawberries and place on parchment paper to cool.
if you would like another chocolate to go on top, melt chocolate and place in squeeze bottle for candy making or place in ziplock back and cut a small opening in corner. drizzle other chocolate over the top zig-zagged. let chocolate set and serve. store in the refrigerator.
* can also dip strawberries in other toppings immediately after coating in chocolate.
recommended toppings: crushed toffee, mini-chocolate chips, coconut shavings, and sprinkles.

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